I love the Oh Mai near my house and was excited to see that one has opened near my workplace. Something new to me: jackfruit. I have read about jackfruit being used in place of meat in various forms and was eager to try it. Does it taste like meat? Alone, no. But in the sandwich, surprisingly, yes. Overall it was delicious with a variety of textures and all of the flavors. I did drizzle on some chili oil, because, chili oil. The staff was quick to get the food out. The place was clean and decor felt calm. I'm eager to get back there for my usual pho and bun orders.
Delicious food and great value. Will definitely eat here often. The food is fast and fresh. The atmosphere is quiet. Portion sizes are perfect, as I've always left satisfied.
The place has great food, and some of the best sandwiches I have ever had. The prices are cheap, and the sandwiches are the perfect sizes. Definitely going here again!
I have just tried Vegan Pho here and it's just amazing. Very clean ambience and very friendly staff.
Simply amazing Sandwiches. The pho isn't on par with the Sandwiches but it's worth him going just for those
Great big menu and authentic flavor. Reminds me of my favorite pho places in the Bay area!
A friend and I were visiting from out of town and stopped here for lunch. The food selection was great. The staff were also extremely friendly and helpful. We specifically enjoyed the vegetables in our sandwiches because of how fresh they tasted! The Thai tea was very unique and I had never tried anything like it before. Definitely recommend this place!
Finally got an Oh Mai in Draper! Love all of the bahn mi (sandwiches), you can’t really go wrong with any of them (that I’ve tried).
The food is sooo good and the staff is very friendly! I've been here twice in the past week and will definitely be going back!
Great new location! S9 everyday!
Delicious food, very friendly staff!
Oh Mai quietly opened this spot in Draper not too long ago, bringing its growing empire of banh mi and pho houses to five, I think? Love Oh Mai in other locations? Good, because what you're getting here is a pretty straightforward import of their other spots. The banh mi is the big draw, though many do love their pho. I have long loved the S1 and its pork pate, but tried the garlic ribeye again after a long time and found myself really liking the herbal nature of it. I get mine sans jalapeño, not because of my wussy mouth, but because I think the pickled veggies are so good that I don't want the distraction of the hot. Don't overlook the vermicelli bowls. Sometimes they're just what you want, when you don't want your carbs in the form of the chewy french roll the sandwiches are known for. There's plenty of seating here, though I suspect they won't do massive crowds of people. It's actually become one of my favorite places to grab sandwiches to go, especially in the summer when you just want to be back on the trail, or at the park, or just enjoying your nights with a banh mi in hand.
I love this place! Finally found one that's close to my work and it's very good! I love that I can request lettuce wrapped on my banh mi sandwiches. Pho soup is also very good. I can also finish my pho down to the last drop because it's not salty, it's very good! Fast service, clean, and very good food. Highly recommend!
Home away from home! I finally have a place closer to home where I can just stop by for a banh mi or a bowl of pho - two of my comfort food. I like their banh mi, it's decent. I always like extra pate and mayo in my sandwich so I should ask for more next time. The pho is good as well. I always get dac biet because it has everything I want in pho. The broth has the rich beef flavor which I like. Since it's on the way home, I might be a regular.
Really good. Solid 4/5 star experience. The service and employees were extremely profession and friendly, the most impressive part for me. There are tons of vegetarian options and even some vegan. The sandwich was really good, but could use just a bit more of everything, insides, flavor... just needs some elevation to really wow me. I think this place was really great and really well priced and would easily recommend it to anyone. I plan to return. They have been open a very short time and are doing great, I look forward to my next visit to see what they do!
I just ordered a Honey Glazed Pork Rice Bowl. It was amazing!!! So good! Definitely recommend.
Great place for quick and delicious Vietnamese food!! I got the curry chicken and it was great. Service was good and the food came amazingly fast. Definitely recommend! Check it out!